Some of ScideLight's work

A full sized road sign - designed for CO2_Live
This road sign is part of the project CO2_Live at Summerhall in Edinburgh. The project is an ongoing effort to inform the public of the current carbon dioxide levels in Edinburgh's air. This 2 meter tall sign shows the carbon cycle and global carbon storage and accompanies a digital display of Edinburgh current CO2 levels.

Infographic promoting awareness of biologic minimum reporting standards
ScideLight has worked with Iain Murray to develop this infographic to complement the project. This project aims to establish and put in practice reporting standards for various biologics.

Intrinsic and Adaptive Myelination
ScideLight has created several images for publications authored by Dr Marie Bechler and Dr Charles ffrench-Constant, researchers at the University of Edinburgh. This image was published in Developmental Neurobiology to explain the hypothesis of meylination intrinsic wrapping and adaptation to neuron activity.

Inofrom Potential Clients
Scidelight has worked with Phase Genomics to create several illustrations and visual aids that inform potential clients how Phase Genomics can simultaneously construct the all the genomes of organisms found in a single sample. The images made by ScideLight are used in Phase Genomic’s PowerPoint presentations and explanations of how their technology works on their website.

Public Engagement - Board Games
‘Brainium’ is the invention of Dr. Claire Davies, Miss Alessandra Dillenburg and other members of the Miron Lab at the University of Edinburgh . They wanted to make learning about brain fun by turning facts about the brain into a fun board game. ScideLight helped them with designing the board and playing cards.

'Brainium' - The Board Game Finished
This is the finished product of the ‘Brainium’ board game that was designed by Dr. Claire Davies and others from the Miron Lab at the University of Edinburgh .

Graphical Abstracts
Graphical abstracts are becoming very common for scientific journals. Make sure that your work is clearly represented and looking professional like this graphical abstract published in Cytotherapy - Journal of Cell Therapy.

Science Writing
Science writing is important for communicating ideas to a wider audience. I can take complex journal articles and 'translate' them into approachable material for the general public with custom-made images to complement it, like this article and 3D puzzle image created for EuroStemCell. I have also written many short pieces of material aimed to concisely inform readers about diseases, treatments and stem cell related issues on the EuroStemCell website.

ScideLight Makes It Simple
ScideLight takes complex processes and turns them into easily understood stories. We believe in simplifying messages without compromising scientific accuracy.

Visual Media - Including Animation!
ScideLight created 100% of the visual content in this video. The project was commissioned by the Royal Society of Chemistry to inform the public just how small graphene is and how exciting it's potential is for the future. It's not just the stuff that makes up graphite!

Images for Presentations
This is one of several images created by ScideLight for academic researchers. This project was specifically aimed at making images to clearly summarise the discovery that two specific proteins are critical for myelin sheath formation.

Science Writing with Images
ScideLight was primarily responsible for creating the written content and images for all the pages in the 'Stem cells and regenerative medicine' section of the MRC Centre of Regenerative Medicine's website.

Filming & Editing
Want to record a professional looking interview... ScideLight does film too! We filmed, animated and edited video footage to create this promotion for the graduate student program at the MRC Centre of Regenerative Medicine.

Ready for Publication
ScideLight works closely with researchers to make sure their images are accurately depicted. We also make sure all our images and video are formatted to the exact specifications you need for your project, whether that be a graphical abstract for a journal submission or an online video interview.

Make it Fun!
Public engagement projects can involve making digital and printed visual media, and Scidelight can help. A project with uniform style and branding is key to a good impression. Several postcards were made as part of EuroStemCell’s ‘Stem Cells & Sports’ public engagement project. See more at EuroStemCell's website.

A Good Picture is Worth a 1000 Words
This image was made to show how the leading edge of a growing myelin sheath spirals around an axon and simultaneously creates a paranodal junction. Concepts like this are difficult to describe in words. Make it easy for your audience to understand your research with high quality illustrations.

Journal Covers
Make sure your research shines, particularly if you're offered the chance to submit cover art! ScideLight is familiar with working with real laboratory data. This journal cover project required ScideLight to build 3D reconstructions of stacked confocal microscope images. We then combined these with 3D meshes and the original fluorescent images to get a pretty smart looking transition.

Stem Cells & Sports: Tendons
This video describes how future regenerative medicines for tendinopathy are being shaped by stem cell trials on horses today. This video is part of a series of animated videos for public engagement and awareness events around Scotland. See more at EuroStemCell's website.

Stem Cells & Sports: Cartilage
Cartilage damage is a common injury in many sports, yet treatments today can do very little to repair cartilage in some types of joints. Stem cells and future regenerative medicines have potential to change that. This video is part of a series of animated videos for public engagement and awareness events around Scotland. See more at EuroStemCell's website.

Stem Cells & Sports: Muscle
Building muscle is often taken for granted as something that just happens when we exercise. What many don’t realise is that the process relies on stem cells. This video is part of a series of animated videos for public engagement and awareness events around Scotland. See more at EuroStemCell's website.

Stem Cells & Sports: Blood
Everyday our bodies use stem cells to make huge numbers of new blood cells. Our body has ways to regulate these stem cells to help us adapt to high altitude conditions. Check it out! This video is part of a series of animated videos for public engagement and awareness events around Scotland. See more at EuroStemCell's website.

From Sketch to Figure
This image represents a real-life example of how a client’s rough ideas and drawings evolved into a clean figure. On the left is the scanned drawing from the client and on the right is a zoomed in section of the final product.

ScideLight's First Project
This is a zoomed in section of an image created in ScideLight's first commissioned project. Several images were created for a research grant application, which was successfully funded! Our client said reviewers commented that the figures were very clear and easily conveyed the grant proposal’s central ideas. And that's what ScideLight aims for!